About Gouveiahome

GOUVEIAhome is an online boutique shop featuring products handcrafted by members of the Gouveia family of Massachusetts.

Quick Family History:
In 1912 at the age of 4, Joseph Gouveia travelled with his parents to the US from Funchal, Madeira (Portugal). In 1933 Joseph and his wife Clara had a son, Robert (Bob) aka "Papa". Bob married Blanche and together had 4 daughters. Lauren, Leslie, Linda and Jacquie. Known as the Gouveia girls.

GOUVIEAhome consists of 3 main artisans. They are Lauren's daughter, Marissa Marvel; Linda's daughter, Sara Paulson and Jacquie Gouveia.

Behind the scenes crafts people include Bob Gouveia, Leslie Gouveia and Linda "Gouveia" Paulson



Marissa Marvel is a school nurse during the day and obtained her Nurse Practitioner's license in 2021. When she's not tending to children, she's a master at working with resin and creates a variety of items such as cutting boards, coasters and wood cut-outs. Her work is available in various shops throughout Cape Cod including Martha's Vineyard. She also runs her own store called Wild Canvas Design.

Although Sara Paulson is the youngest on the team, she is by far the oldest soul. She is GOUVEIAhome's jack-of-all trades with a skill set that includes painting, sewing, baking, making frames and macrame. She has a love for items that create a sense of nostalgia and that remind her of the beach.

Jacquie Gouveia has a degree in Accounting and worked in the corporate world as a financial systems analyst for many, many years. She has made art since as far back as she can remember and over the years improved her painting skills. Her art is collected internationally along with being used on television shows such as Netflix - House of Cards, HGTV and the Foodnetwork - Cooking with Valerie. Her portfolio site can be viewed at www.jgouveia.com

Crafts People:

Bob Gouveia owned and operated a landscaping nursery for years before retiring. He has always had a passion for woodworking and has made furniture for all the members of the family. At 87 his granddaughters keep him busy with requests for handmade items such as cutting boards that he creates from old cut down trees. 

Leslie Gouveia is a graduate of IYRS  (International Yacht Restoration School) in Newport, RI. She is a master boat builder at Arey's Pond in Orleans, MA and provides wood cutouts, wood scraps and cut pieces needed by the artisans.

Linda "Gouveia" Paulson works with her daughter Sara to create the popular all natural soy candles. Together from their kitchen in Freetown, MA, they come up with new fragrances and jar design ideas.